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How is Retail adjusting itself to compete with E-Commerce pure players? And how will Retailers do this without neglecting or even losing their advantages as a traditional Retailer?

That where the questions that started the development of the solution and business model 5 years ago. These days it has become the Omni Channel solution that enables Retailers with a large physical footprint to maximize sales and efficiency in the entire chain. It is also the proven way for Retailers to successfully compete with E-Commerce pure players.

The solution combines all stock locations within a Retail group into one virtual stock (stores and warehouses). It won't matter where your customers or products are located, you will always be able to make the sale! Your E-Commerce environment and stores will offer the full width and depth of your entire assortment.

What to expect?

A proven solution that will...:

    • Provide a solution for lost sales in the stores,
    • Optimize and enlarge the online assortment and depth,
    • Eliminate the problem of having too little space in the warehouse,
    • Shorten and even out the delivery time on and from all sales channels (digital and physical),
    • lower the delivery costs for Retailers with a large physical footprint in large countries by taking close-by locations in consideration during the distribution of orders over picking locations,
    • lower the costs of replenishments and optimize the local, physical offering at all stores,
    • provide extensive business intelligence,
    • minimise the store-to-store shipments,
    • most importantly... enhance your turnover, lower your costs!
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